Call for papers – Equity and Sustainability in the Health Care Market: Socio-economic Analysis of Governance and Reforms

The Centre for Health Economics Aphec is organizing the 3rd APHEC Workshop which will be held at the Department of Economics, University of Genoa, June 15-17, 2023

Health care expenditure has been rising in past decades; advances for treating more illnesses likely have contributed to the increase. Stakeholders in health care systems (governments, providers, pharmaceutical firms, and consumers) are worried about long-run sustainability. In Europe, where public funding and provision are common, budgetary pressures have led Governments to respond with more regulations.

Recently the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that governments and public agencies may not coordinate well. Delayed responses and higher fatalities happened; coordination at an international level might have proven to be beneficial. Such efforts only started after the H1N1 influenza pandemic in 2009, and resulted in the European Joint Procurement of Medical Countermeasures in 2014, with 37 countries as signatories by 2020. However, cross-country interdependence may be plagued by free-riding, and may make health systems less resilient.

Against this backdrop, the third APHEC Workshop aims to provide a venue for experts to study national health systems and their relationship with government and public agencies. A special issue in Socio-Economic Planning Sciences will collect papers that address issues about access equity, sustainability, and governance.

The proposed topics include:

      • Access, efficiency, and equity in health services and innovative medicines

      • Health and public procurement

      • Coordination between international agencies and governments

      • Sustainability and socioeconomic impact of telemedicine

      • Socioeconomic impact of Covid-19 on health and equity

      • Governance and organization models post Covid-19


    The deadline for paper submission is April 10, 2023. Preliminary versions of papers are accepted, but full papers will be given priority. Papers have to be sent to the following email address in pdf format: aphec@unige.it

    Accepted papers are eligible for a special issue of Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. (https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/socio-economic-planning-sciences)

    Guest Editors:

    Ching-To Albert Ma – Department of Economics – Boston University
    Lucia Leporatti – Department of Economics – University of Genoa

    For more info, please download the call in PDF format

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