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Study and Research Centre
in Pharmaceutical and Health Economics

The Study and Research Centre APHEC, based at the Department of Economics of the University of Genoa, promotes research and training activities relative to health economics, public health, economics of pharmaceuticals and, more generally, socio-economic analysis.

The Mission

The mission of the Centre APHEC is the promotion of the scientific debate on issues related to health economics. It includes the dissemination of basic and applied researches and the realization of synergies and institutional networks with other research centres and organisations. Most relevant subjects in the network are:

  • other university departments;
  • national and international research bodies;
  • public and private institutions and bodies, local and national;
  • public and private companies operating in the field of health, pharmaceutical market and devices.

Secondary targets are:

  • the realization of an integrated system of collection and elaboration of information, sources and data useful for the study and monitoring of the health sector through a systemic vision of the sector;
  • the institution of an “Observatory in Health Economics” that produces periodic reports on the state of regional and national health;
  • the design and development of educational and training activities also to support public and private bodies in the health sector.
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